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Digital Marketing Course at your Convenience in Mysore

Digital Era Courses Mysore Branch is located in Indiranagar. Its easy to navigate from any part of Mysore to our office. All neighbor areas of Indiranagara like Kollegala, Mandya, Chamrajanagara, Maddur, Hunsur, KR nagara, KR Pet, Kuvempunagar, Ramakrishnanagar, Vijayanagar, Agrahara, Ballal Circle, City Bus Stand, Mysore University, Manasagangotri, Sharadhadevinagara, Ilwala and Suburban Bus Stand are closely connected to our branch via all Roads. If you are a resident of any of these areas then we are like next door to your house. 
Indiranagar is the well known residential and commercial area in Mysore. Residents of Indiranagar and neighbor areas are always prioritized  for education, hence its also called as a knowledge hub of Mysore. We at Digital Era Courses strive to retain this heritage of Mysore. We offer the best Digital Marketing training which is fine tuned to meet your end purpose of doing the course. Look into our course features which are completely exceptional than others

About Digital Marketing Courses

In lay mans term, Digital Marketing is the effort of advertising through Electronic Device and Internet. In direct words delivering marketing services using Digital Platforms. Different Digital Platforms are SEO, Social Media Platform, SEM, Website & Mobile App, Email & many more. Digital Marketing can be done on both Online and Offline.

Strategy Plays a vital role while implementing Digital Marketing in every business. Its simply a strategy focused on online promotions. After exploring Digital Marketing Industry for several years in career, we have realized how dynamic this industry is. Aspirants who want to learn Digital Marketing are from various demographics and also Digital Marketing has variety of applications. Packaging a synchronized course which justifies both variables is almost impossible. By leveraging all our professional experience, we have developed four variations in our course which suits your requirement exactly.

We offer Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore and various other parts of India. You can find the list of locations in our menu. People who love classroom environment can choose the convenient center. Our training quality does not differ from branches because we have created a robust training process which ensures industry’s best learning experience. 

Fundamental Digital Marketing course

Is specially crafted for aspirants who want to learn just core concepts of Digital Marketing. People who cant invest much time and money but by learning core concepts they could achieve some of their objectives like

  • Job Promotion
  • Bridging the skill gap in the team their handling
  • Overall Knowledge which helps in managing the process
  • Meeting the small Digital Marketing requirement of clients 
  • Take an advantage of Google Certifications while applying for Visa

Advanced Digital Marketing Course

This course is designed to those people who want to start career in Digital Marketing. This is a very economical course which gives almost all the free features of next level course. If you can’t spend much in learning Digital Marketing but want to learn to advance level then choose this course. This course is much suitable to those who has below kind of requirement.

Ø  Students who are still pursuing graduation

Ø  Graduates who are looking to up skill themselves in aspiration of better job.

Ø  Freelancers who got just basic knowledge on Digital Marketing and want to know even more

Ø  People who are not mainly looking for job after learning Digital Marketing

Ø  Entrepreneurs who want to implement Digital Marketing in their business

Ø  Home makers who want to become freelancers

Strategic Digital Marketing Course

This is the most popular course which meets every requirement of you. The skills you develop here helps you to execute Digital Marketing as well as manage the work. Tools you learn here and certificates you get here are best in the industry. People who  

Ø   Are Aspiring to start a job in Digital Marketing

Ø  Want to switch from different domain to Digital Marketing

Ø  Are directly into execution and management of Digital Marketing projects

Ø  Are looking to restart their career after the break

Ø  Are facing challenges in marketing their brands

Ø  Want to get certifications for promotions in their jobs

Digital Marketing Automation Course

This course is purely designed for intermediate level people in Digital Marketing. Having knowledge on advanced level of analyzing, targeting and re targeting is the key to ladder up in Digital Marketing career. That is directly a marketing automation knowledge with certifications. Hence tools like Marketo, Hubspot and Hootsuite is what every employer is looking for. The following type of persons can take up this course-

Ø  Digital Marketers who could not explore marketing automation tools in their career but it is required when they want to change their job

Ø  People who just started career in Digital Marketing and need to upgrade their knowledge

Ø  Freshers in Digital Marketing careers, who need to update themselves

Employees working in connection with marketing automation tools & willing to get certified 

Modules we cover in Digital Marketing Course

Introduction to Marketing

App Store Optimization

Content Marketing

Local Business Optimization

Social Media Marketing

Display and Video Advertising

Search Engine Optimization

Paid Search Ads

Email Marketing

Digital Marketing Strategy


Website Optimization

Video Marketing

Google Tag Manager

Google Analytics

Google Adsense


Affiliate Marketing


Digital Marketing Tools

Below topics you learn in our Strategic Digital Marketing Course

Principles of Digital Marketing
↗ Inbound and Outbound Strategies
↗ Digital Media Examples
↗ Traditional vs. Digital Marketing
↗ Principles of DMI’s 3i Methodology
↗ Digital Channels
Developing Objectives
↗ SMART Objectives
Digital Research
↗ Audience Research
↗ Social Listening Platforms
↗ Social Listening and Audience Research Tools
Cultural Research
↗ Competitive Research Platforms and Tools
↗ Industry Trend Research
↗ Digital Research
Connecting with the Customer
↗ The Buyer’s Journey
↗ Five Marketing Functions
↗ 360 Digital Marketing Campaign
↗ Marketing Functions and Buyer Journey Stages
↗ Digital Marketing Concepts, Principles,
Procedures and Tools

Content Marketing Concepts and Strategy
↗ Benefits of Content Marketing
↗ Qualities of Effective Content
↗ Types of Content
↗ Content Alignment with the Buyer’s Journey
↗ Community Management
↗ Content Marketing Strategy
Using Content Research to Find Opportunities
↗ Social Listening
↗ Competitor Content Analysis
↗ Content Audit
Developing a Content Marketing Plan
↗ Content Marketing Goals
↗ Content/Business Goal Alignment
↗ Customer Personas
↗ Content Topics
↗ Content Calendar
↗ Content Management Systems
Creating and Curating Content
↗ Content Stakeholders
↗ Content Types and Formats
↗ Content Tools
↗ Content Creation and Curation
↗ Content Creation Best Practice
↗ Brand Components
↗ Content Personalization
Publishing and Distributing Content
↗ Content Platforms
↗ Benefits and Challenges of Content Seeding
↗ Content Scheduling Techniques and Tools
↗ Content Promotion Strategies
Metrics and Performance
↗ Content Marketing ROI
↗ Content Marketing Metrics
↗ Metrics and Content Marketing Strategy

Key Social Platforms for Digital Marketing
↗ Benefits of Social Media Marketing
↗ Social Media Marketer Responsibilities
↗ The Buyer’s Journey Stages
↗ Influential Social Media Platforms
↗ Key Terminology
Setup Social Media Experience for a Business
↗ Best Social Media Account Practices
↗ Facebook for a Business
↗ Twitter for a Business
↗ LinkedIn for a Business
↗ Instagram for a Business
↗ Snapchat for a Business
Growing and Engaging an Audience
↗ Community Techniques and Best Practices
↗ Content Sharing Best Practices
↗ Sharing Stories Best Practices
↗ Video Content Best Practices
↗ Hashtag Usage Best Practices
↗ Twitter Content Best Practices
↗ LinkedIn Content Best Practices
↗ Instagram Content Best Practices
↗ Snapchat Content Best Practices
Creating and Optimizing Social Media Campaigns
↗ Campaign Set-up
↗ Facebook and Instagram Business Manager
↗ Twitter Ads Manager
↗ LinkedIn Campaign Manager
↗ Snapchat Ad Manager
Developing Data-Driven Audience and Campaign
↗ Campaign Tools Analysis
↗ Facebook Tools and Analytics
↗ Twitter Tools and Analytics
↗ LinkedIn Tools and Analytics
↗ Instagram Tools and Analytics
↗ Snapchat Analytics and Campaigns

SEO Fundamentals
↗ Paid and Organic Search
↗ Key SEO Components
↗ Search Engine Introduction
↗ Common Search Query Types
↗ SERP Components
Aligning SEO and Business Objectives
↗ SEO Objective Types
↗ Create and Implement SEO Objectives
Keywords and SEO Content Plan
↗ Keyword Research Benefits
↗ Short and Long Tail Keywords
↗ Conduct Keyword Research
↗ Convert Keywords into SEO Content
Optimize Organic Search Ranking
↗ Technical Components for Visibility
↗ On-page Optimization
↗ Off-page Optimization
↗ SEO Audit
Measuring SEO Performance
↗ Traffic Sources
↗ SEO Metric Types
↗ Success Measurement

↗ SEO For Apps
↗ SEO For Android
↗ Google Play Store SEO

Google My Business & Map
↗ Creating Local Listing In Search Engine
↗ Google Place Setup (Image/ Video/ Map. etc.,)
↗ Search Engine Visibility Report
↗ Verification Of Listing
↗ Google Reviews

Fundamentals of Paid Search
↗ Paid vs. Organic Search
↗ Customer Use of Search Engines
↗ Paid Search Benefits
↗ Elements of Paid Search Campaigns
Paid Search Campaign Creation with Google Ads
↗ Google Ads Manager Account vs. Child Account
↗ Google Ads Best Practice
↗ Google Ads Account Elements
↗ Paid Search and SEO Keyword Research
↗ Google Ads and Paid Search Campaigns
Search Campaign Management
↗ Advertising Budget Management
↗ Google Ads Bidding
↗ Google Ads Bid Simulator Tool
↗ Optimize Paid Search Campaigns
↗ Google Ads Editor
Paid Search Campaign Measurement
↗ Paid Search KPIs
↗ Conversion Tracking
↗ Success Metrics
↗ Google Analytics Measurement
↗ Google Analytics and Search Console Reporting

Fundamentals of Display and Video Advertising
↗ Key Concepts, Benefits and Value
↗ Key Advertising Platforms
↗ Advertising Buying Mechanisms
↗ Strategy Objectives
Creating and Managing a YouTube Channel
↗ YouTube Channel Setup
↗ Video Best Practices
↗ Content Management Best Practices
↗ YouTube Analytics and Reporting
Google Display Network and Video Ad Formats
↗ Google Display Network Campaign Types
↗ Ad Formats and Sizes
Creating Display and Video Campaigns
↗ Google Ads Display Ad Campaign
↗ Responsive and Non-responsive Ads
↗ YouTube Channel and Google Ads Linking
↗ Standard Video Ad Campaigns
↗ YouTube Ads
Targeting Display and Video Campaigns
↗ Targeting Types
↗ Audience Targeting
↗ Contextual Targeting
↗ Advanced Google Ads Features
↗ Configure Ad Exclusions
↗ Re-marketing Options
↗ Bidding Strategy
Measurement and Optimization
↗ Key Display Campaign Metrics
↗ Video Campaign Metrics
↗ Performance Analysis of Display Campaigns
↗ Performance Analysis of Video Campaigns
↗ Impact Performance Analysis
↗ Campaign Optimization

Email Marketing Fundamentals
↗ Key Concepts
↗ Inbound Email Marketing
↗ Legislation and Regulations e.g. Permissions
and Data Protection
Tools and Strategy
↗ Key Strategy Principles
↗ Email Service Providers
↗ Recipient Sources
↗ Contact Databases
Email Design
↗ Email Writing and Design
↗ The Buyer’s Journey Alignment
↗ Subject Lines
↗ Copy Essentials
↗ Design Best Practices
↗ Call-to-Actions (CTAs)
↗ Image Best Practices
Creating an Effective Email Campaign
↗ Email Campaign Creation
↗ Delivery Factors
↗ Delivery and Placement Challenges
↗ Campaign Management Best Practices
Testing and Optimizing an Email Campaign
↗ Test Components
↗ A/B Testing
↗ Key Campaign Measurement Metrics
↗ Optimize Open and Click Through Rates
↗ Mobile Optimization
↗ Bounce Rates and Unsubscribes
Marketing Automation
↗ Benefits of Automation Tools
↗ Key Process Building Blocks

Web Design and Website Optimization
↗ Website Optimization and SEO
↗ Optimization and Digital Marketing Strategy
↗ Design, Construction, Maintenance and
Optimization in a Marketing Context
↗ Key Components of Web Design
Publishing a Basic Website
↗ Website Hosting Options
↗ Setup
↗ WordPress Themes
Design Principles and Website Copy
↗ Web Design Principles
↗ Mobile-First Design and SEO
↗ Copy Best Practice
↗ A/B Best Practice Testing
User-Centered Design and Website Optimization
↗ UX and UI Design, Benefits and Principles
↗ UX Assessment
↗ User Experience Improvement and User-
Centered Design Methods
↗ Key Optimization Performance Factors
Website Metrics and Developing Insight
↗ Website Monitoring
↗ Evaluation Tools
↗ Implement Monitoring and Optimization Best

Web Analytics Fundamentals
↗ Insight Types for Digital Marketers
↗ Analytics Tools for Data Collection,
Measurement and Analysis
↗ Google Analytics Benefits and Limitations
↗ Analytics Reporting Terminology
↗ Legal Requirements, Responsibilities and Best
Creating and Configuring a Google Analytics
↗ Account Setup
↗ Tracking Code Installment
↗ Key Settings and Navigational Functions
↗ Account Settings and Filters
↗ Benefits and Risks of Sharing Access
↗ Linking Google Analytics and Other Tools
Setting Goals with Google Analytics
↗ Setup Goals
↗ Match Website Activity to Goals
↗ Use Goal Funnels to Analyze Customer
Conversion Journey
Monitoring Campaigns with Google Analytics
↗ Campaign Types
↗ Audience, Acquisition, Google Ads, Behavior,
Events and Conversion Reports
↗ Multichannel Funnels Reporting
Analyzing and Recording Google Analytics Data
↗ Track Traffic Changes in Real-Time
↗ Custom reporting, Annotations and Custom
↗ Standardized Data Process

Digital Strategy Fundamentals
↗ Core Digital Marketing Strategy Components
↗ Strategy Purpose
↗ Strategy for plan communication
↗ Digital Marketing and Digital Media
↗ Resource Mapping & Budget Planning
↗ ROI and Success Metrics
Setting Strategy Objectives and KPIs
↗ Business Objectives & Campaign Expectations
↗ Identify and Distinguish KPIs
↗ Past Performance and Industry Benchmarks for
↗ Regular Performance Reviews
Digital Strategy Research
↗ Key Research Activities and Research Mapping
↗ Strong Research vs. Potentially False Reports
↗ Owned, Accessed and Desk Research
↗ Audit Factors
↗ Audience and Competitor Research
↗ Social Listening Study
↗ Creative vs. Media Brief
Developing a Creative Strategy
↗ Key Creative Strategy Ingredients
↗ Maximize and Repurpose Creative Output
↗ Content Strategy Elements
↗ Creative Format Specifications
Executing a Digital Marketing Strategy
↗ Strategy Objectives
↗ Optimize Channel and Budget Mix
↗ Media Planning for Paid Channels
↗ Key Campaign Components
Communicating a Digital Marketing Strategy
↗ Stakeholder Communication Tools
↗ Digital Marketing Strategy Best Practice

↗ How To Earn Money
↗ Amazon Influencer program
↗ Amazon Affiliate program
↗ Analytics Reporting Terminology
↗ Legal Requirements, Responsibilities and Best

↗ Basic Video Editing
↗ Live Videos
↗ Tools For Video Marketing

↗ How To Start A Podcasting
↗ Equipment
↗ Production & Distribution

↗ Earn Money From Website
↗ Turn Your Passion Into Profit
↗ Analyse Your Advt Campaign

↗ What Is Tag Manager & Uses
↗ Setting Up Tracking
↗ One Stop Tagging
↗ Understanding Variables Triggers
↗ Benefits of Tag Manager

↗ Importance
↗ Blogging for business
↗ Structure
↗ Best Practices

↗ How To Use Quora For Digital Marketing
↗ Best Practices
↗ Quora Ads

↗ Tools For SEO
↗ Tools For Content Creation
↗ Social Media Tools
↗ Tools For Email
↗ Tools For Analytics

Tools You Learn




Digital Marketing is a almost equal to pull marketing strategy where the promotion strategies makes audience to contact the business when they are in need of it. This is one of the greater advantage of internet technology which is making Digital Marketing very important for any business.

Freelancing is one big opportunity open for you after our course. Many people register and learn Digital Marketing to become freelancers so that they can earn money online. In our syllabus we have a module called “how to become a freelancer” where in we teach about platforms to get freelance projects, how to bid for the projects, how to create an attractive profiles and many more useful tactics so that you can start earning online as a freelancer once you complete the course  

Yes. We offer placement guarantee to our students who enrolls with an intention of job. We have tie up with various recruitment consultancies who will arrange interviews for you till you get job 

If you are at intermediate level in Digital Marketing then you should choose Digital Marketing Automation Course. This course has all the elements which are needed for your promotion in your career.

We offer 10% of the fee as a referral bonus to anyone who refers students to us. It is a general offer anyone can utilize. 

Anyone who is interested to explore this domain for whatever may be the reason can learn Digital Marketing.

Yes. We have below facilities to assist you financially.

  • No Cost EMI Option
  • Monthly EMI Option
  • Two installment facility
  • No fee for physically challenged people.

Unlike many Institutes, Digital Era Courses offers many unique facilities. They are-

  • No Cost EMI – Learn, Earn and Pay
  • Different modes of training- At DEC, the students are given with Online, offline and Hybrid mode of teaching. They can opt anything suiting to their convenience.
  • 100% Placement Guarantee – Interviews till you get job
  • Objective oriented training – Job, Freelance, Business
  • Paid tools – worth 70000 at free of cost
  • Monthly guest lecturing from top MNC managers
  • Access to recorded videos of classes for reference
  • Qualified and professional Faculty/Trainers
  • Life time career support
  • Life time knowledge support
  • Free and Paid Internships

In case if you miss any class, you can refer to the videos of classes we share everyday. In spite of that if you have any doubts you can talk to the trainer in next class. If you miss many classes continuously then we will arrange back up class for you.

We are the first institute to offer training via three modes. Live Online, Offline and Hybrid with the combination of Live Online and Offline. We also self paces learning model for self learners.

Our Students work at